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My name is Sandra Hedges and I am a private complementary health therapist, offering individually tailored treatments, including lifestyle advice, with a focus on naturally promoting health, vitality and balance.

I am a registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, with qualifications in Complementary therapies, including massage & sports massage, energy kinesiology as well as a certified Hatha Yoga instructor.

If you have gone from excellent health, to sudden extreme physical derailment, leaving you in shock, and with lingering discomfort and confusion, I can sympathise! Have you had medical tests run, with no really helpful answers to the reasons or solutions to your crisis? Are you frustrated and exhausted, and just want to be back to your old self? After a year of struggle myself, and much self-research and many different approaches to healing, I finally figured out the complex interactions of many contributing factors, which have given me clarification about my physical health, but more importantly, expanded my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, leading to greater direction with regards to my Life’s Purpose…and this is what I want to help you to uncover, through the process of a personal healing experience using natural healing techniques, and then delving deeply into emotional and spiritual aspects of your true self, so that you can understand the messages being relayed to you by your physical health challenges, and learn to overcome obstacles in the way of you achieving your Life Purpose and Soul Intention.

The SA Reflexology Society

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Healthy Living

Natural Therapists recognize that if you provide the body with the right conditions, it will heal itself. One of the key ways to do this is through diet.
The ultimate task of body cells is to convert nutrients into energy (Chi). This can only be achieved if we feed our cells a good quality, balanced diet.
The body, however, often shows imbalances related to nutrition. The presence of acidosis or alkalosis in the body indicates that a serious problem exists. One cause of these conditions includes poor diet. Both conditions can result in a number of ill effects on the body. By making appropriate adjustments to one’s diet, these imbalances can be corrected, as the body obtains the correct types and quality of nutrients in the correct proportions, in accordance with its pH and metabolic requirements.

What we eat influences the amount of Chi we receive to keep the meridians (energy pathways in the body), the five elements (association everything has with nature), and thus our body and mind in a healthy state. Dense food is likely to have energy vibrating at a low frequency, and so be stagnant and congest the meridians and unbalance the elements. Most food consumed today is man-made and contains high levels of non-digestible and non-biodegradable chemical additives, making it dense. Organically grown food, allowed to ripen before being picked, will contain essential nutrients for life, high vibrational energy, balanced sodium and potassium levels, and will be alkalizing as opposed to acid-forming.

The use of nutritional supplements can help to balance the diet, by supplying nutrients that are lacking in our food, but these supplements must be in a form that the cells recognize and can make use of. Medication and other chemical intake, including drugs and nicotine from cigarettes, generally interfere with natural body processes, and thus disrupt the flow of Chi, causing imbalances, which may manifest as side effects and other related complications.

‘We are what we eat’ is a common expression, and very true, at least with regards to the physical body. By fuelling our body with the nutrients it requires, it can function efficiently and ward off infections and illness. Existing ailments can be overcome using nutrition to support the body’s defense systems and strengthen its overall immunity.



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What My Clients Say

  • I first went to Sandra because of serious chronic pain in my shoulders and neck. Her treatments have made a huge difference to my pain levels as well as improving other aspects of my health.

    Jenny Brown
  • I have been to Sandra for holistic body massage and reflexology.
    Sandra has a very calming presence and her treatments leave one feeling relaxed and stress free.
    I would highly recommend going to Sandra for a more natural approach to healing one’s body.
    I always arrive at Sandra’s place feeling wound up like a tight coil and leave feeling extremely relaxed.
    Thank you Sandra for providing such a natural way of healing holistically.

    Paddy Thevenau
  • In my testimony,  Sandra is an exceptional massage therapist. Her  aptness for locating and relieving sore points is matched only by her professionalism and gentle nature. Sandra made me feel comfortable from day one and her work has relieved a tremendous amount of tension when I needed it. She has been attentive, polite and I have experienced nothing but good results from her. I look forward to my next session with her:)

    Jyothi Rajkaran
  • Sandra is very well suited to her profession of working with people. She is very dedicated and hardworking. She goes out of her way to help and perseveres with different treatments to find relief for the problem.

    Gaye Hedges
  • For years I struggled with painful heel spurs that made my life miserable.  After a few Reflexology sessions with Sandra, the pain disappeared, and four years later I am still able to go shopping and do work at my guesthouse without struggling with sore feet.   Thank you so much Sandra.  You are a star!!! 

    Estelle - Grace Country Retreat
  • I have being seeing Sandra for about a year now for weekly Reflexology treatments. I find Sandra to be professional with a delightful disposition. The Reflexology treatments help keep my body in balance and I would recommend Sandra as Reflexologist for prevention and treatments of imbalances in the body.

    Nicole Harvey - Harvey's Health
  • My experience during my sessions with Sandra could be summed up as holistic. The warm, professional approach helped me to feel reassured and safe in the hands of apart from an amazing professional, an exceptional human being.

    The Fruit Basket - Newcastle
  • As a health-care practitioner, Sandra is both warm & professional in her approach. She has great passion in her field, & is on a never-ending quest in searching for new knowledge & better understanding of holistic health care. You are in good hands.

    Heidi Klingenberg
  • Sandra is voorwaar een van die beste terapete waarby ek nog ooit was. Ek het n heup wat my moeilikheid gee. Sy behandel my daarvoor. Na n sessie by haar weet ek nie daarvan vir maande. Ook vir enige ander maseering sal ek haar ten sterkste aanbeveel. Sy is eenvoudig net puik.

  • Hi Sandra,
    I’ve really enjoyed my sessions with you. I could connect to your treatment which was healing and calming for me. I experienced a deeply peaceful and beautiful state. The sessions are enriching to both the inner state as well as the experience of ease in my physical body.

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    Sandra Hedges - Holistic Health Hub
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    Sandra Hedges - Holistic Health Hub

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My Complementary Health Therapies

My Complementary Health Therapies include the various services listed below.


Reflexology makes use of pressure points in the feet and hands to stimulate the body’s own healing potential through massage techniques, effectively unblocking energy pathways (meridians) that have become congested, causing illness and pain.

A therapeutic reflexologist does not treat specific diseases, nor does he/she diagnose or prescribe medicine.

A therapeutic reflexology assessment simply determines which parts of the body are out of balance, and the patient is treated accordingly, to restore harmony and energy flow, and thus eliminate problems caused by specific diseases.

Therapeutic reflexology can be administered to anybody, of any age, as a prevention technique, whether after a course of treatment, to prevent a re-emergence of a problem, or simply to maintain the body in a balanced state and prevent any slight imbalances causing problems.

Reflexology is also one of the most relaxing forms of massage and is an excellent way to alleviate stress.


Foot Mobilisation

Foot mobilisation helps to relieve structural misalignments and is useful for sports injuries and the like.

Auriculotherapy - (Ear Reflexology)

Auriculotherapy makes use of pressure points in the ears to produce a similar effect to that achieved through reflexology. It is especially useful for muscle spasm and pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions


A form of Oriental Massage, where rocking, kneading and stretching techniques apply pressure along energy lines in the body to balance body, mind and spirit, promoting pain relief and overall health.


By fuelling our body with nutrients it requires, it can function efficiently and ward off infections and illness. Specific herbs can assist with healing and enhancement of wellbeing.


Massage stimulates circulation and rids the body of toxins, providing pain relief, relaxation and general well-being.



The use of massage to treat lesions and/or pathologies affecting the osteo-musculotendinous system. Soft tissue manipulation techniques are also employed to relax, stretch or strengthen muscles, and advice on remedial exercises to further aid recovery from injury or enhance sports performance is given.


Aromatherapy incorporates essential oils, producing a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of healing and harmony.


Yoga incorporates controls and techniques to achieve balance – of mind, body and soul, with the aim to improve fitness, health and longevity, to enhance quality of life, and to achieve relaxation and peace of mind through spiritual enlightenment.


Energy Kinesiology is the assessment and balancing of energetic systems of a person through education, recuperation, training and generative processes to re-condition the neurology, and using muscle monitoring as a primary tool to obtain holistic feedback and identify priorities for treatment strategy to restore and maintain overall health and wellbeing.


Foot Reading involves the assessment of feet to determine the physical and mental/emotional meanings on the reflexes of the feet. In other words, it gives a glimpse into the deeper meanings behind markers on the feet, providing insights into what underlies your symptoms, and how you can balance your life and get it back on track!

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