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Definition:– optic nerve damage, often associated with increased eye pressure, that leads to progressive, irreversible damage


Open-angle glaucoma

  • blind spots or patches of vision loss over months to years;
  • untreated – total blindness

Closed-angle glaucoma

  • abrupt onset of –
  • severe eye pain and headache,
  • redness
  • blurred vision
  • rainbow-coloured halos around lights
  • sudden loss of vision
  • nausea and vomiting


  • Imbalance in production and drainage of fluid in the eye due to clogged, blocked or covered drainage canals,
  • heredity,
  • damage to eye caused by infection, inflammation, tumour, large cataracts or cataract surgery,
  • other conditions

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Exercise regularly – can help to reduce intraocular pressure
  • Avoid prolonged eye stress, such as reading, watching television, using a computer for long periods
  • Avoid tobacco smoke, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine
  • Drink only small amounts of liquid at a time
  • Avoid high doses of niacin (> 200 mg daily)

Supplement Recommendations

  • Choline (1 000-2 000 mg daily) – important for brain and eyes, and inositol or lecithin
  • Essential fatty acids (flaxseed, primrose or salmon oils) – protects and aids repair of new tissues and cells
  • Glutathione (500 mg 2x daily, before meals, with 50 mg vitamin B6 and 100 mg vitamin C for better absorption) – powerful antioxidant that protects the lens and maintains molecular integrity of lens fibre membranes
  • Rutin (50 mg 3x daily) – important bioflavanoid that works with vitamin C and reduces pain and intraocular pressure
  • Vitamin A (50 000 IU daily, max. 10 000 IU daily if pregnant) – needed for good eyesight, essential for formation of visual purple for night vision, plus carotenoids complex with lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Vitamin E (200 IU daily) – helps remove particles from the lens; antioxidant properties to protect lens and other eye tissues (alpha-d-tocopherol form), plus L-Arginine – facilitates natural synthesis of nitric oxide, which promotes healthy blood vessels (avoid if pregnant, or have cataracts, colitis, or a viral infection such as herpes)
  • Herbs –
  • Bilberry (or fresh blueberries and red raspberry leaf) – contains flavanoids and nutrients to protect eyes from further damage
  • Chickweed and eyebright – good for all eye disorders
  • Combination of ginkgo biloba extract and zinc sulfate – slow progressive vision loss


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