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DEFINITION:– progressive, relentless loss of mental function, characterized by degeneration of brain tissue, including loss of nerve cells and development of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles


Dementia –

  • forgetfulness,
  • depression,
  • fears,
  • anxiety,
  • decreased emotion,
  • personality changes,
  • impaired judgment and abstract thinking,
  • changed speech patterns,
  • inability to interpret visual clues,
  • difficulty driving

Later –

  • long-term memory loss,
  • difficulty with day to day tasks,
  • wandering,
  • agitation,
  • irritability,
  • hostility,
  • physical aggression,
  • loss of sense of time and place;
  • incontinence,
  • inability to eat, speak, swallow
  • coma and death, often due to infections


  • Gene abnormalities


Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Get plenty of exercise and keep the brain intellectually engaged
  • Eat a well-balanced diet of natural foods
  • Eat plenty of fibre (e.g. oat bran or rice bran)
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarette smoke, processed foods and environmental toxins, especially heavy metals
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of steam-distilled water only

Supplement Recommendations

  • Zinc (80 mg daily, in divided doses) – immunity; helps with skin disorders
  • Acetylcholine (500 mg 3x daily, before meals) – deficiency implicated in causing dementia
  • Acetyl-L-cartinine (500 mg 2x daily) – enhances brain metabolism, slows deterioration of memory, reduces free radicals
  • Boron (3 mg daily) – improves brain function and memory

Herbs –

  • Butcher’s broom – improves circulation
  • Ginkgo biloba extract – antioxidant; increases blood flow to brain


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