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Definition :– painful compression of median nerve as it passes through the wrist.


  • Odd sensations,
  • numbness,
  • tingling,
  • pain in the first 3 fingers on the thumb side of the hand
  • occasionally pain and burning/tingling in arm and shoulder
  • eventual hand muscle atrophy

Physical Causes:

  • Overuse of wrist

Risk factors:–

  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Bone dislocation or fracture
  • Pressure from bone spurs
  • Tendonitis
  • Inflammatory arthritis


Lifestyle Recommendations 

  • Consume foods that contain or lead to the production of oxalic acid in moderation only (asparagus, beets, beet greens, eggs, fish, parsley, rhubarb, sorrel, spinach, Swiss chard, and vegetables of the cabbage family – large amounts of oxalic acid promote joint problems
  • Eat half a fresh pineapple daily for 1-3 weeks, until relief is experienced – contains bromelain that reduces pain and swelling
  • Eat foods high in vitamin B6 (bananas, avocados, potatoes, nuts, Bluefin tuna, Atlantic salmon, chicken, whole grains, and sweet potatoes)
  • Avoid salt and foods containing sodium – promote water retention and aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome; and counteract effects of diuretics if taking
  • Avoid repetitive hand and finger movements
  • Maintain a healthy weight – reduces pressure on carpal tunnel
  • Keep environment warm and dry – cool and/or wet conditions aggravate the condition
  • Avoid iron supplements – aggravate pain and swelling in joints

Supplement Recommendations

  • Co-enzyme Q10, plus co-enzyme A (30-90 mg daily) – improves tissue oxygenation
  • Lecithin (1 t granules or 1 200 mg capsules, 3x daily, before meals) – supplies choline and inositol for nerve function
  • Vitamin B complex (100 mg of each major B vitamin 3x daily) – essential in nerve function, plus extra vitamin B1 (50 mg 3x daily for 12 weeks) – increases vitamin B6 uptake and improves tissue oxygenation, plus vitamin B6 (100 mg 2x daily for 12 weeks) – potent diuretic
  • Zinc (50 mg daily) – enhances healing


  • Aloe vera, devil’s claw, yarrow, yucca – restore flexibility and reduce inflammation
  • Corn silk and parsley – natural diuretics; reduce swelling
  • Ginkgo biloba (tea/capsule) – improves circulation and aids nerve function

What is the body’s message?

The hand is an extension of the emotional zone of the body. The fingers relate to our mental space, so it may be that our mindset about an issue is suppressing our emotions, or vice versa! There may be a strong link with general mental wellbeing and emotions, and our day to day activities/career may also be playing an important role with this condition. If the left hand is affected, the issue may be linked to something current, and/or a feminine energy, and if the right hand hurts, a past issue and/or masculine energy impact. Our hands are also our tools for doing/giving, so perhaps we are feeling restricted by having given too much, or perhaps we are feeling hindered in our ability or opportunity to give what we can/want to in a situation. There are many possibilities in line with this, and your personal experiences related to the context must be considered.



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