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Aromatherapyis the art and science of using essential oils from plant sources for health and wellbeing. Essential oils are extracts from plants and each contains (as the name implies) the essence of the specific plant’s energy.

Aromatherapy helps to eliminate stress and improve overall health, and the results can be immediately experienced. Essential oils can be incorporated into massage to produce a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of healing and harmony. A carefully selected individual or combination of oils to match the recipient’s personal needs can thus significantly enhance their massage experience.

Essential oils can also be used as follows:

• Room fragrance (a few drops of essential oil in a dish of water, heated with a candle)
• Inhalant (4-6 drops of oil in a bowl of very hot/steaming water)
• Bath (4-8 drops of oil in a pre-run warm to hot bath)

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