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Energy Kinesiology is the assessment and balancing of the energetic system of a person through education, recuperation, training and generative processes to re-condition the neurology (nervous system).

This system of healing uses muscle monitoring as a primary tool to obtain holistic (bio)feedback and to identify priorities for treatment, as well as strategies to restore and maintain overall health and wellbeing.

In essence, Energy Kinesiology applies a vast range of tools and techniques (depending on the therapist’s training, skills and available resources), to access the subconscious (underlying patterns of imbalance) of the recipient in order to determine the causes and requirements for healing at any point in time.

It is a process of elimination (peeling away the layers of the onion), which addresses a lifetime of behavioural adaptations that may no longer be serving the client, and may in fact be hindering them from reaching their full potential in life.

The balancing techniques help to reorganise the nervous system in such a way that the client is able to adapt to life and respond more appropriately to stimuli that would otherwise cause stress and negative behavioural patterns to emerge. In other words, Energy Kinesiology enables the client ‘to do life better’.

The Treatments

Each treatment (or balance) can be vastly different to the previous one, since there are limitless options to balance someone, but generally involves light touch, possibly some chatting, breathing techniques, acupressure stimulation, and so forth, and can address physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination of these aspects of life.

Clothing, except if massage is indicated, need not to be removed at any point. One generally feels quite ‘light’ after a balance.

If one remains open-minded and allows the process of re-balancing to unfold in its own manner and time (just go with the flow), the medium- to long-term results of this supportive therapy are positively life-changing! e-changing!

Remote Healing

Aspects of Energy Kinesiology can be performed indirectly (for example for a baby who cannot respond to muscle testing), or remotely, buy tapping into the recipient’s energy system. A surrogate (in the presence of the recipient or remotely) is used to read the recipient’s biofeedback signals, and then any balancing techniques are performed on the surrogate or directly on the recipient if present.

A change in the energy system of the recipient will be effected once the surrogating link between the two has been broken at the end of the session.

Reiki too can be sent across time and space, through intention.

Permission must always be obtained from recipient and surrogate before a balance can be performed.

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