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Foot Readinginvolves the assessment of feet to determine the physical and mental/emotional meanings on the reflexes of the feet. In other words, it gives a glimpse into the deeper meanings behind markers on the feet, providing insights into what underlies your symptoms, and how you can balance your life and get it back on track!

Foot Reading Zones –

In Foot Reading, the feet are divided into 5 horizontal, and 5 corresponding zones.

Zone 1 – Horizontal Zone 1 incorporates the toes, while Vertical Zone 1 follows the line of the first (big) toe all the way down to the heel. This zone relates to the head space and mental aspects of life (thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and so on). So any physical symptoms that affect the head, e.g. Migraine Headaches, will have an element of mental stress related to them.

Zone 2 – Horizontal Zone 2 incorporates the balls of the feet, while Vertical Zone 2 follows the line of the second toe all the way down to the heel. This zone relates to the chest region (and all organs that lie in this area of the body) and emotional aspects of life. So physical symptoms, such as lung or heart diseases, will have an underlying emotional cause.

Zone 3 – Horizontal Zone 3 incorporates the mid-section of the foot, while Vertical Zone 3 follows the line of the third toe all the way down to the heel. This zone relates to the mid-section of the body (liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, etc), and career/day-to-day activities on the metaphysical. So any physical symptoms that affect any of these organs, e.g. a stomach ulcer, will have an element of career-related stress involved.

Zone 4 – Horizontal Zone 4 incorporates the section between the mid-foot and the heel, while Vertical Zone 4 follows the line of the fourth toe all the way down to the heel. This zone relates to the digestive organs and links to family aspects of life. So any physical symptoms that affect the bowels, e.g. IBS, can be associated with family issues on some level.

Zone 5 – Horizontal Zone 5 incorporates the heels, while Vertical Zone 5 follows the line of the fifth toe all the way down to the heel. This zone relates to the lower extremities, pelvis and hips, and ties in with our sense of direction and security in life. So any physical symptoms that affect this area of the body, e.g. hip problems, will be related to feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, uncertainty in life, etc.

Zones of Influence

The Vertical Zones are also known as zones of influence. Where they intersect with a problem in a specific horizontal zone indicates the influence involved in that problem. For example, if there is a stomach ulcer (Horizontal Zone 3), which lies physically over a part of the stomach where Vertical Zone 5 intersects, the ulcer is related to the person’s career, but there is an element of influence related to their sense of security/direction in life (so perhaps they have chosen a career that is not aligned with their purpose, and this is causing them much stress on a daily basis, resulting in a stomach ulcer).

Right versus Left

The right foot relates to past issues and/or masculine energy, while the left foot relates to present time and/or feminine energy. So if a symptom of foot marker occurs on one side only, this provides further clues as to what the cause may be. For example, if there is a blister on the right big toe, it may indicate very specific mental strain related to an old (past) way of thinking (mental space) that does not serve a new way of being! Or it could be related to over-thinking (masculine energy) about a specific topic.


The time that a symptom first occurred provides an important clue as to the related cause also, so it is important to be aware of this. The feet reflect what is happening in the body, always! So, the time that markers appear (or disappear) on the feet tells you a great deal about what is going on in your life at the time. Of course, some symptoms are acute (and markers will come and go quickly), while others are chronic, and markers will like-wise shape up (or down) more slowly. Regular monitoring or professional foot readings are helpful in managing life’s stresses in real-time, as often a marker will appear on the feet even before your are aware of any physical symptoms!

Symptom specifics

The type of pain, the appearance or feel of a symptom, and the organ/s affected also tell us much about what the body is trying to convey to us about our life. For example, an aching sensation in the chest may represent a deep longing related to a certain emotion, such as being loved. A stabbing sensation in the back, may be as a result of feeling betrayed or unsupported. Chronic constipation reflects something we are not processing, such as an ongoing family drama that we are not able to come to terms with.

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