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In Life Coaching, a Life Coach guides you to keep your focus on your intention to make positive changes in order to enable you to respond more appropriately to situations and experiences in life. This support is given until such time that new behaviours have become an automatic way of being, and thus a better way of living.

Sometimes we just need help to shift our perspective about an ongoing problem in order to create a new reality for ourselves that can shape our future differently. It is not easy to change old patterns of thinking and behaviour, and a Life Coach provides tools and techniques, support and guidance and helps you to stay on track with the choices you make by holding you accountable for your actions (or lack thereof!).

Life coaching is beneficial to anyone who is stuck in a situation or pattern of life that is not working for them, whether it be an inability to lose weight, a spate of bad relationships, a desire to change careers, but not feeling sure what or how to do this, and so on.

Life Coaching helps you to determine what the next step is, how to take it, and where to go from there. A Life Coach is a partner for Life, whether you choose a short course of Life Coaching or to make this an integral part of your life on an ongoing basis.

Once you have established a trusting relationship with your Life Coach they will remain a friend for Life!

Coupled with Life Coaching skills, my personal life lessons and training and experience as a health therapist, allows me to incorporate challenges revealed by a client’s health patterns into any life coaching they require. Thus, I am able to guide them to wellness and living their life to their full potential, so that they align with their Purpose and achieve joy and true fulfilment!

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