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Reiki is a spiritually guided hands-on healing system, which stems from the principle that every living being has a life force, which Reiki-attuned practitioners harness and channel, using a set of techniques based on ancient Tibetan healing methods that allow one to tap into an infinite and limitless source of life energy to heal.

There are various forms of Reiki and each has its levels of attainment, up to Masters. The higher the level, the more attuned the healer is to the healing energies. Reiki is a very subtle yet powerful healing energy system that can help to heal all manner of symptoms, balance energy, and influence the outcome of life experiences. It incorporates various attunements (specific intentions that carry energy-based enhancements or outcomes for the recipient), which can be included in a treatment session, or energetically given to recipients separately, to enhance their energy system as needed.

Reiki can be given to individuals or groups of people.

Permission must always be obtained from recipient and surrogate before a balance can be performed.


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