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SHIATSU (Japanese Acupressure Massage)

A form of Oriental Massage, where rocking, kneading and stretching techniques apply pressure along energy lines (Meridians) in the body to balance body, mind and spirit, promoting pain relief and overall health.

The energy lines (Meridians) may be familiar to some who have experienced Acupuncture. The Acupuncture points used in dry needling (which physiotherapists and chircopractors apply) are the same as those used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (although this is a complete and complex healing system on its own), and Meridian Therapy work, including Shiatsu, uses these also, but finger pressure is applied in place of needles. The effects are to clear energy blockages along the energy lines, which underlie mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Shiatsu can be performed on a massage table or on a mat on the floor, and does not require removal of clothes, as traditional massage does.

The treatment involves some of the massage techniques used in deep-tissue massage, but mostly focuses on pressure point stimulation and opening and stretching of energy channels and joints. The results are usually enhanced energy levels and a sense of feeling more balanced overall.


Shiatsu incorporates the five-element theory, which underpins the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to health. Each energy line or Meridian is associated with a pair of organs, and an element of nature (Earth, Wood, Water, Metal (Air), Fire), and the characteristics of the elements are used to determine the nature of energy imbalances and what the client needs in order to balance their energy system, to achieve overall wellness. The pressure stimulation used during a Shiatsu treatment is part of the process of freeing the flow of energy within this system.

Lifestyle advice may be given to help the client to maintain this balance, based on the pattern of imbalance picked up by the therapist during the treatment. Regular treatments with this or similar therapies (such as Therapeutic Reflexology & Meridian Therapy) will help to prevent or ease symptoms that can manifest due to energy imbalances (which naturally occur as a result of daily stressors which are not appropriately dealt with).

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