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Definition:–  a combination of intermittent abdominal pain and constipation, diarrhoea, or bouts of each, that occurs in the absence of another diagnosed disease


    • Cramp-like pain in abdomen
    • Abdominal distension, usually on the left side
    • Transient relief of pain by bowel movement or passing wind


      • Unknown
      • Anxiety
      • Stress

Lifestyle Recommendations

    • If constipation is the main problem, a high-fibre diet may help
    • Bulk-forming agents such as bran or methylcellulose may help for constipation
    • Short courses of anti-diarrhoeal drugs may be taken for diarrhoea
    • Drink plenty liquids such as carob drink, ‘green drinks’ and quality water to help prevent diarrhoea
    • Avoid high-fire foods during bouts of diarrhoea – stress digestive system; rather eat easily digested foods such as bananas, applesauce, toast, rice and cooked potatoes
    • Drink 3 cups rice water daily for diarrhoea – helps form stools and supplies B vitamins
    • Limit intake of fats, gluten (including barley, oats, rye and wheat), alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods during bouts of diarrhoea
    • Antispasmodic drugs can relieve muscular spasms
    • Chamomile tea can help calm a distressed patient
    • Ginger tea – helps with cramps and abdominal pain
    • Hypnosis, psycho-therapy or counselling may be effective

Supplement Recommendations

    • An infusion of catnip calms the nerves and is good for colic-type symptoms
    • Black cohosh – relieves cramps
    • Marshmallow root (malva) tea – calms stomach and soothes intestinal problems
    • Slippery elm bark (tea or extract) – soothes GIT


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